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 ALL SHIPPING is USPS Priority/First Class Mail            (2-3 day delivery)

Since we do live in North East Ohio, winter weather is inevitable!! We have been very successful shipping year round with heat packs ($2.75 a piece) We take every precaution when it comes to packaging up your new plants and do our best to get them to you safe and sound!  We are known for our overly cautious packaging - Just  ask our loyal customers. Please do take note that Mother Nature sometimes has her own agenda and transit delays and rough handling while in transit are out of our control, We do kindly ask you that you be understanding and patient to matters out of our control. However, if you do have issues, we are always more than happy to work with you!

RMP Orchids


RMP Orchids  

We have a passion for promoting the world’s most beautiful flowering plants. As avid orchid collectors, these fascinating plants certainly cast a spell over us. Our family enjoyed it so much that we decided to focus on it full-time, so we could share the excitement these colorful blooms give us on a daily basis. 

We carry an orchid that will sure to please everyone. From rare species to the more common but o' so beautiful Phalaenopsis.


Houseplants make people Happy. Check out our selection of potted greenery here

Did you know Houseplants increase your happiness? It's true!!  Come check out our always changing potted greenery availability. Whatever you find, it will be sure to make you smile.

Succulents & Cacti


We sell a wide variety of exotic and hardy succulents. Our stocked succulents include sedums, mimicry, and aloe to name a few. Known for their unique color, texture and their super easy to care for reputation, succulents are becoming a popular and 'easy'  addition to any home collection.  Succulent plants do well with very low maintenance needed. If you can provide them with a sunny area and potted with ample drainage - They will stay happy, healthy, and provide you smiles for years to come! 


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